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Why should you trust DEFENSA LEGAL?

Practical solutions communicated in an easy, understandable way

Why should you trust

DEFENSA LEGAL is an innovative office that offers effective and high quality legal services, in a highly personalizedmanner. We provide a close, trustworthy, tailored service for every client, for our best presentation card is our clients’ satisfaction.

Susana Balagué and Gonzalo Oliveros, founders of the firm, lead a team of professionals in continuous training and perfection, who become completely engaged in every case and invest all of the necessary time and effort to attain success.

The last 25 years of business development endorse us, and our daily commitment to the practice of law has brought us to achieve more than 7.000 favorable judgements.

Our career is vocational, and we are happy and motivated in the practice of law. Our job allows us to know, listen to and help our clients, and to offer them the most convenient solution. This solution is explained clearly and in a comprehensive way.

Private individuals and companies benefit from and feel comfortable with our work ethic: being professional but at the same time close. We give priority to efficiency while making easy difficult situations and try to convey calm to our clients.

DEFENSA LEGAL solves your
doubts and legal problems

  • How do I register as a freelance or independent worker?
  • What can I do if my tenant does not pay me?
  • Whatif I am late on payment for child support due to my unemployment?
  • How do I claim to my insurance company in case of an accident?
  • How can I complain about a defective product?
  • Which are my rights if I test positive on an alcohol level test?
  • What compensation can I ask for if I get fired?
  • Can I demand to obtain compensation for damages over a traffic accident?
  • How do I do the annual tax return?
  • Can I fractionate payment of the IVA?
  • How do I form a company?
  • My child does not work or study, for how long do I have to support him?
  • If I collide with a drunk driver, do I collect from his insurance?
  • I am seventy years old and I sold my apartment, do I have to pay for my capital gains?
  • I am pregnant and I got fired. What should I do?
  • My neighbors host parties every night and I can’t sleep, is there anything I can do?
  • My son is seventeen and got a fine; do I have to pay for it?
  • We are both owners of the apartment, but it is I who pays the mortgage. Who can deduct it from the IRPF quota?